Update on Fall Colors

Fall foliage foothills parkway
Fall foliage along the Foothills Parkway on October 31, 2021

I wanted to share an update on the fall colors I saw while driving along the Foothills Parkway this past Sunday, and also on the amazing change in one of the sugar maples here at the Sidecar Inn. The above photo is from a stop I made at one of the overlooks on the Foothills Parkway.

Fall colors foothills parkway
Just after entering the Foothills Parkway from Highway 321
Fall colors foothills parkway
As the elevation increased so did the intensity and variety in the colors
Look Rock Area off foothills parkway
Off Happy Valley Road below Look Rock on The Foothills Parkway – late afternoon
Look Rock Area with sun shining
From the same place as the photo above, but later with the sun lighting up the far side of the valley
A nearly bare tree against the sunset
Off Happy Valley Road below Look Rock on The Foothills Parkway – nearing sunset

Earlier in the day I had noticed one of the sugar maples, along Old Red Lane, had more color seemingly overnight!

The Sidecar Inn sugar maples fall colors
More reds, oranges, and yellows versus just a day ago!

I hope you have enjoyed this quick update on the fall colors here at the Sidecar Inn, and along the Foothills Parkway. I’d be happy to suggest other places to see the fall colors!

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