I’ve recently added vegetarian breakfast enchiladas with roasted poblano sauce to the breakfast menu rotation. This is yet another excellent recipe from Cookie and Kate. Be sure to subscribe to her email list for recipe updates.

I’ve had this recipe from Cookie and Kate in mind for a while. Recently I stumbled across a chicken enchilada soup recipe that looked good, but called for canned enchilada sauce. This, of course, would not do! First step was to make a double batch of the roasted poblano sauce. I’ll admit skinning poblano peppers is not my most favorite kitchen task, but a necessary step. From there the sauce came together easily, and had a lot of flavor.

roasted poblano sauce

The first use of the sauce was for a chicken enchilada soup recipe from Tried and True Recipes, another great source of yummy recipes! Be sure to sign up for the email list. First step was to prepare the broth. For this I used a chicken soup kit (backs and necks) and a couple of pounds of chicken breasts from Beech Grove Farms. Next time I’ll add a couple of pounds of thighs too!

chicken enchilada soup with roasted poblano peppers

The filling for the breakfast enchiladas is roasted red pepper, portobello mushroom, red onion, cheese, and of course eggs. I had some roasted red peppers from making pimento cheese earlier in the week, and feta on hand as well.

Cookie and Kate call for sprouted grain tortillas, but I used a whole wheat tortilla on this batch. Topped with a little sour cream, and some more feta. We offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast. Just let us know when you book a stay!