Cajun Cuisine in Boyds Creek? You betcha! To celebrate the Mardi Gras season, which always seems to come and go before I know it, The Local Eatery put on a special menu. As one of my favorite cuisines I was able to try several of the offerings. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for up to date specials and entertainment!

For lunch I got the Pork Debris with gravy over biscuits, and then ordered a bowl of gumbo to go for dinner that evening. The pork was amazingly tender, great tasting, and would be hard to beat. But the gumbo was sensational! I make gumbo from time to time, and it is good, but I needed to know what went into this bowl. As a friend mentioned in passing, The Local Eatery is a little known jewel right here in Boyds Creek!

Grab Bag of Restaurant Visits
Pork Debris from The Local Eatery
Grab Bag of Restaurant Visits
Gumbo from The Local Eatery

A few nights later I headed back to The Local Eatery, this time with Deb in tow. Sadly they were out of gumbo, which was one of the best I’d ever had. Next up was the alligator sausage over dirty rice. Deb, not being a fan of spicy food, opted for a cheeseburger and fries. I was able to talk to chef Ryan about his gumbo recipe, which involves the use of duck fat in place of the usual butter or oil for the roux. After mentioning that I would have to try using duck fat, he gifted me a 3lb bucket of it!

I had enough of the alligator sausage and dirty rice leftover that I made a breakfast frittata the following morning!

Grab Bag of Restaurant Visits
alligator sausage and dirty rice frittata with toasted sourdough

The Local Eatery is just one of several restaurants our guests have enjoyed during their stay at The Sidecar Inn. We are