Corkscrew Suite

The Corkscrew suite is located on the second floor above the dining room and is accessed by a dedicated winder staircase, in what were the quarters for the house servants. This two-room suite features a separate sitting area and bedroom. A full-size air bed is available for an additional fee. Indulge in its offerings:

  • Queen bed
  • En suite bathroom with shower
  • Toiletries from Bath & Bodyworks
  • Antique furnishings
  • A table with two chairs
  • Comfortable chairs for relaxing
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Refrigerator
  • Full Size air bed available (please call)

The Corkscrew Suite is named after a famous left-hand to right-hand set of curves at the Laguna Seca Raceway, located near Monterey, California. The track was constructed in November of 1957 and continues to host numerous automobile and motorcycle races each year. The raceway has eleven turns and is 2.238 miles long. It is owned by Monterey County. From the raceway’s website, here is a description of the “Corkscrew”:

At the apex to Turn 8 (the lefthander and entry to The Corkscrew), the elevation change is a 12 percent drop. By the time a race car reaches the apex of Turn 8A (the righthander), the elevation is at its steepest – an 18 percent drop. The Corkscrew drops 59 feet between the entrance of Turn 8 to the exit of Turn 8A—the equivalent of a 5½ story drop—in only 450 feet of track length. From Turn 8 to Turn 9, the elevation falls 109 feet, or just over 10 stories.

Discounts on the current room rate are available for veterans (with VA ID card), and bereaved parents who are members of Alive AloneBereaved Parents USAThe Compassionate Friends, or other groups serving the needs of bereaved parents. Please choose the appropriate rate when booking online. Proof of eligibility is required prior to arrival. Stay two nights during the week and get the third night at 10% off.

Discounts for booking multiple rooms or the entire B&B may also available by telephone.

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