I have been trying out some different ideas for breakfast these last few weeks. One will join the line up soon, possibly this weekend.

Trying out some different ideas for breakfast
Vermont Cheddar Grits with Poached Eggs and buttered sourdough toast

I’ve been tinkering with different takes on grits as well as working on a perfect poached egg. On this trial I used some Vermont sharp cheddar in place of Parmesan. While I like both I think the Vermont cheddar from Cabot has the “sharper” edge!


Trying out some different ideas for breakfast
Kimchi & potato hash with eggs

This is definitely one of those like or dislike foods. I had first heard of kimchi, the Korean dish of fermented and highly spiced cabbage, while I was in the Air Force. It wasn’t until I was traveling for Siemens that I had the opportunity to try it out on a business trip to Seoul. Whether served as part of the banchan, or side dishes that accompany the main course in Korean cuisine, or in a stew such as Kimchi jjigae, it adds an unmistakable flavor! This recipe uses about a half cup per serving. While I thought it was great it would likely work best with perhaps a tablespoon of kimchi per serving. Just enough to not be overwhelming.

Omelets & Burritos

a different omelet
Mushroom, green pepper, Thai chili pepper, and cheddar 3-egg omelet

This omelet came about from looking in the vegetable drawer to see what items I needed to use soon! I’ve started using baby bellas instead of the generic white mushrooms as they seem to impart more flavor. I deseeded the two Thai chili peppers before dicing them, but their presence was still felt.

breakfast burrito
Chorizo, onion, green pepper, cheese, and salsa breakfast burrito

One of my favorite street tacos is the simple chorizo & onion, and cilantro, with some salsa. Here I took Crooked Road Farm’s chorizo, along with onions and green peppers, plus a little cheese and salsa, and rolled it up in a burrito.

Chili for Breakfast!

chili with fried egg
Graze Burger’s chili with fried egg

A few nights ago my wife and I had dinner at Graze Burgers in downtown Sevierville. This is one of our favorite restaurants in the area. Large selection of burgers, excellent french fries and onion rings, some of the best fried mushrooms I’ve ever seen, and hot dogs as big as my wrist! Last up in my breakfast experiments isn’t really an experiment at all but rather more of an adventure. Graze has some pretty good chili but I didn’t finish all of mine. I had already stirred in a good amount of El Yucatero‘s Red Habanero chili Sauce that night so I didn’t add any Thai chili peppers this time! Deb had some hot dog left so I diced that, warmed it all up, and topped it with a fried egg. Fortunately Deb was at work that day!

If you’d like to stay with us at The Sidecar Inn and might be interested in one of these are anything else, please let me know.