For the fourth year in a row Santa Claus visits The Sidecar Inn for the children. This year it fell on Krewe’s 3rd birthday so in addition to Santa Claus we also had cupcakes. Kylan is just six months old and this will be his first Christmas.

Santa Claus visits with Krewe
Santa with Krewe on his 4th visit!
Santa Claus visits with Kylan and Sami
Sami isn’t too sure she wants to be in the photo with Santa and Kylan!
Sanata claus visits
Santa with one of his elves

I made both regular and dairy-free cupcakes. The dairy-free versions were very good and very chocolatey! I had the most trouble finding dairy-free chocolate chips. This was the first time I had made icing of any type. I did cut one of the recipes in half and still ended up with way more than I needed.

dairy-free cupcake ingredients
The ingredients for the dairy-free cupcakes.
dairy-free cupcakes
The finished dairy-free cupcakes
dairy-free icing
Dairy-free versions of butter cream and peanut butter cream.

Since I figured it was going to be dinner time soon after Santa was finished visiting I made a large batch of chicken & noodles. I apologize for the group photo as I didn’t realize not everyone was ready. I couldn’t see it when holding the phone well above my head!

Group photo for Santa Claus visit
The post-Santa group photo

We had talked about offering photos with Santa this year but decided to keep it small. Maybe next year but it would be limited and by appointment. Here is a recent post about the Christmas decorations at The Sidecar Inn.

Santa Claus visit with Deb and Sami
Christmas 2018 with my two elves! Forgot to get one when Santa Claus visits The Sidecar Inn