Beginning on March 1, 2023 parking fees are coming to the GSMNP. The Park is implementing the pass to generate additional funds. Funds generated from this program will maintain trails, restoration of grounds, and increase park ranger availability. There are hundreds of historical buildings and structures that require upkeep. In 2021 the Great Smoky Mountains National Park saw 14,100,000 million visitors. This is more than Yosemite (3,200,000), Yellowstone (4,800,000), and The Grand Canyon (4,500,000) combined!

national park visits in 2021 for top four

This fee will only apply when parking for 15 minutes or longer, and does not apply to simply driving through the park. Tribal citizens are exempt from the parking fee. The cost will be $5 per day, $15 for a seven-day tag, and $40 for an annual tag. Annual tags can be ordered here. Daily and weekly passes can be ordered, beginning February 21, at 10 am eastern time, from here.

The basics

  • A digital copy of the tag is not valid, and park staff cannot print the tag for you.
  • The vehicle displaying the tag must have a matching license plate as listed on the tag. 
  • Display the parking tag on the dashboard. 
  • Parking tags are not replaceable, refundable, transferable, or upgradable.
  • Daily and weekly parking tags expire at 11:59pm ET on the date printed on the tag.
  • Parking tags are not required for motorists who pass through the area or who park for less than 15 minutes. 
  • Parking tags are not location-specific.

PLEASE NOTE: passes must be printed to be valid. 100% of the funds raised by this parking fee will stay in the Park. This small fee will provide many benefits and help the park succeed in the future! The park is a wonderful place to enjoy the natural wonders. Book a stay at The Sidecar Inn and we’ll help you experience the Park!