While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there are other things such as snacks and soups and desserts and of course dinners! Here I cover a snack and a chili from my kitchen.

First up is my favorite chile recipe: Fire House Gumbo Chili from a Louisiana firefighter named Jeremy Chauvin. He won a national chili contest from Hormel Foods in 2017. I don’t tinker much with the basic recipe except to dial back the seasoning if my wife is going to have some. I typically have vegetable juice on hand so that goes in place of the tomato juice. The ketchup is omitted as there are plenty of tomatoes in it! Thin with some water or stock as desired. Recipe is here or here with a NYT Cooking subscription.

gumbo chile and sour cream cornbread
Fire house gumbo chili on the right, with sour cream cornbread on the left

One of my favorite snacks since I was a wee lad is Chex mix. The store-bought stuff is ok. As with most things it is hard to beat homemade, whether because of better ingredients or the love invested in the preparation. This is my second favorite chex mix recipe. It was dethroned last year with an amazing asian sweet & salty version that I’ll post about in a later entry.

homemade chex mix
Homemade Chex mix

So while breakfast is the most important meal of the day we have many other delicious dishes to try. Come for a visit to The Sidecar Inn and see what snacks might be available.