The Thomas Brabson House is part of the rich history of Boyds Creek. It is one of several historically significant buildings in the area. Recently the Friends of the Seymour Library gave a lecture on the history of Boyds Creek and Seymour area. Shannon and Anna have been researching the history of the area in anticipation of publishing a book. Both were busy with the interest in the area’s history at the Inn’s Grand Opening. It was a good thing I got there early as it was standing room only a half-hour prior to the start!

The Sidecar Inn occupies the Thomas Brabson house, one of the many historic homes along Boyds Creek, that was featured in the presentation.

  • History of Boyds Creek
  • The Thomas Brabson House & Sidecar Inn
  • History of Boyds Creek

The talk is available on YouTube. While it is an hour and six months long, it is very informative. There are plans for additional talks.

While no civil war battles were fought in Boyds Creek, there was a revolutionary war battle here. British agents had been encouraging the Cherokee Indians to attack settlements in the area. The fight took place on December 16th, 1780, as given by the Tennessee Genealogy website here. Another reference is at the Sevierville History web site.