Historic downtown Sevierville’s new businesses include a seafood restaurant and a lounge with a focus on games as well as food and drink.

Pinchy’s Lobster and Beer

Pinchy’s Lobster and Beer Company is a New England Style seafood restaurant featuring lobster rolls and sushi alongside baskets of fried clams and shrimp. The menu includes a variety of salads, appetizers, and sandwiches as well. Deb and I recently stopped in for a visit to try the Connecticut style lobster rolls. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of lobster on the roll. So much in fact that neither of us were able to finish, and took the leftovers home. There was a one-woman band playing that evening but before she started the TVs were showing clips from live performances. Most appeared to be from the 70s and 80s, and I struggled to identify many of the bands from sight alone. One of which was Kansas, until I saw the giant sign in the background! Pinchy’s is located at 212 Court Avenue, Sevierville, Tennessee 37862.

The next morning I used the remaining lobster for a nice 3-egg omelet, and then sliced and fried the potatoes for a filling breakfast!

Lobster omelet

The Pines

Just across Joy Street from Pinchy’s sits the former theater known as The Pines. This is where Dolly Parton had her first paid performance in 1956, at the age of 10. As we came out of Pinchy’s we noticed a “Now Open” sign across the street and decided to check it out. Now the home of The Pines, the new establishment offers food, drink, and numerous games in a cozy atmosphere.

historic downtown Sevierville's new businesses
The Pines at 230 Court Avenue in Historic downtown Sevierville

A large room is immediately inside the entrance, with a small area where kids were kicking a ball around a snookball field. There is a foosball table, two giant jenga stacks, shelves of board games, and two dutch shuffleboard games called Sjoelbak. More about Sjoelbak in a bit.

Two smaller rooms with various types of video games follow. Next are two large rooms with the bar area and two dart boards.

The two large rooms in the back house eight lanes of duckpin bowling. Definitely something I’d like to try out on a future visit.

We received a quick tour by the helpful staff. Deb and opted to try our hands at Dutch shuffleboard after an explanation on the rules. Here is a webpage with the detailed rules. We quickly learned a few things about collisions in a confined area!

My physics degree was not very helpful in the end. I did manage a slightly higher score by the end of the three game set for the victory.

All in all an impromptu visit to historic downtown Sevierville was a great evening of dining and games! The Sidecar Inn is a great base to explore all that the area has to offer!