This past weekend Deb and I attended the recent grand opening of Select Koi, located just a couple of miles up the road from us at 2253 Boyds Creek. We had watched the construction of their new building with interest over the past six-months or so.

I had reviewed the Select Koi website earlier in the week, and was amazed to see the range of prices for Koi, but equally so were the variety of colors and patterns. We met Nicholas and he walked us through the facility while giving a detailed overview of the history of Koi as well as the offerings on view at Select Koi.

Select Koi
Front entrance to Select Koi
Select Koi tanks for the Koi
Inside of Select Koi looking at the tanks for the Koi
Koi in their tank at Select Koi
Close view of Koi showing the variety of colors and patterns

Two food trucks were present for this Grand opening. Since I had never tried either one I sampled both. First up was Blackie Chan, a sushi food truck where I sampled the Sunset California roll, which had crab stick, avocado, and cucumber. One thing I’ve missed during the pandemic has been good sushi!

Blackie Chan sushi food truck
Sunset California roll from Blackie Chan

The second food truck was Macho Taco. Unfortunately I failed to get any photos of the food, but both of us were happy with it!

Macho Taco food truck menu
Macho Taco menu

Attending the Grand opening of Select Koi also gave us a chance to see how to organize a grand opening, which we’d like to do here in the spring. There will definitely be live music in some form, as well as food! For those interested in koi and traveling to Select Koi please consider staying at The Sidecar Inn. We are located just a few miles away, and closer than any hotels/motels.