I wanted to share some highlights from the overwhelming response to Saturday’s Grand Opening of the Sidecar Inn Bed & Breakfast. While it was warm, the steady breeze and some clouds helped to keep it bearable. Although we did hear some thunder, and felt a few sprinkles of rain, the storms went around us.

The Sidecar Inn is located in the Thomas Brabson House that was built in 1854. We were fortunate to have a great niece of Thomas Brabson, Margaret Brabson Hicks, and her brother, Benjamin Brabson, III, in attendance. Benjamin resides in the nearby house his great grandfather built in 1856, where Boyds Creek empties into the French Broad River.

Colleen and Anna talked nearly non-stop to guests about the history of the Boyds Creek Community and the Thomas Brabson House throughout the event. It was great to see so many interested in the history of the area and the houses.

We could not have had such a successful event without the help of an old and dear friend, Todd, who drove down from Virginia to lend both hands and his back! He took nearly all of the photos shown below.

Some photos of the preparations

Getting Rolling!

  • Sidecar Inn Grand Opening
  • Parking for Grand Opening
  • Roger and Deb at Grand Opening
  • Coffee Lab at Grand Opening

more folks coming in

  • guests at grand opening
  • Anna & Colleen from Friends of Seymour Library
  • guests at grand opening
  • Coffee Lab at grand opening
  • entrance grand opening
  • guests on stairs at grand opening
  • Roger giving tour at grand opening
  • Living room guests at grand opening
  • A happy visitor guests at grand opening
  • Couple guests at grand opening
  • Neighbor at grand opening
  • talking history at grand opening
  • Beautiful day at grand opening
  • Guests heading inside at grand opening
  • guests on the stairs at grand opening
  • neighbors at grand opening
  • guests heading back down at grand opening
  • Friends at grand opening
  • guests at grand opening
  • entering grand opening
  • grand opening discussions
  • history discussion at grand opening
  • a neighbor at grand opening
  • In the entryway at grand opening
  • Living room discussion at grand opening
  • Looking our door at grand opening
  • Ongoing history talks at grand opening
  • Friends at the grand opening
  • In front of sidecar at the grand opening
  • hugging at the grand opening
  • Coming down walkway at the grand opening
  • Lonetones playing a great set of music!
  • Front steps discussion
  • stopping to talk at the grand opening
  • Staying in the shade at the grand opening
  • Coming around the bend
  • Dear friends at the grand opening
  • Front yard talks
  • Former neighbors at the grand opening
  • Hitefield Woodworks team at the grand opening

Last Set

  • Deb talking to guests at the grand opening
  • Dear friends at the grand opening
  • Shady trees at the grand opening
  • Roger talking to guest
  • Out in the yard
  • Friends enjoying the day
  • Sign at the grand opening

Great music from The Lonetones! They will be playing at the Trailhead Brewery in Knoxville in June. Much thanks to Jason and Kolette, from Blue Mountain Mist, who came out today and have given much advice over the last couple of years I’ve been with the Smoky Mountain B&B Association. Jason also took some amazing photos of the rooms that I will be using very soon! Thanks to all who came out, and I hope you have enjoyed the highlights from the overwhelming response to Saturday’s Grand Opening!