I have been taking Kiera for a walk on Saturday mornings to the First Baptist Church in Seymour, as they have a very nice walking path with views of the Smokies. They also host the Seymour Farmer’s Market, where I met the folks behind Beech Grove Farms, in Seymour Tennessee. I am on the waiting list, at least I hope so, for their next batch of pork sausage! I have tried their artisan chicken sausage, and recently picked up some regular chicken sausage. The main attraction for the B&B was a local source of eggs. I, as well as my guests, have been pleased with them. It is hard to beat fresh local pasture-raised chicken eggs! Beech Grove Farms provides pasture-raised chicken eggs, as well as produce, poultry, forest fed pork, and lamb.

The Sidecar Inn prides itself on serving food made from high quality local suppliers wherever possible.