A review of several local restaurants

Local restaurants
Graze Burgers, East Tennessee Billiards, and Papa Karl's Country Kitchen

This is a review of several local restaurants that Deb and I have been to in the past week. All are within five miles, with one being just a mile up the road from the Inn.

Graze Burgers

Graze Burgers is located at 125 Bruce Street in downtown Sevierville. It has long been one of our favorite restaurants in the area, and is at the top of the list when we are in the mood for a burger. Their hotdogs are also very good, and the side dishes are great with some of the best fried mushrooms I’ve tried.

local restaurants
Chili on the left, and the hot rings on the right

I wasn’t too hungry this evening so I opted for a bowl of chili and their Hot Rings, which are a portion of their excellent onion rings topped with the house buffalo hot sauce and a blue cheese fondue. A light touch with the El Yucatero habanero hot sauce gave the chili some heat.

local restaurants
Late Night Dog with the 50/50 fries & onion Rings

Deb opted for the Late Night dog, which comes with a fried egg on top, along with their option for half fries and half onion rings. Both are very good so this is a great option.

Papa Karl’s Country Kitchen

Papa Karl’s Country Kitchen recently opened 2487 Boyds Creek Highway, just about a mile from The Sidecar Inn. Their menu is standard southern cooking, such as catfish, grilled meatloaf, and country fried steak for main courses. Sides include fried okra, green beans, and more.

Papa Karl's Country Kitchen
Inside of Papa Karl’s Country kitchen
local restaurants
Basket of home made chips

Each meal comes with a basket of home made chips. I opted for a cheeseburger with a side of pinto beans for this late lunch.

local restaurants
Cheeseburger with a side of pinto beans

In the time between drafting this post and publishing, Deb and I made a lunch stop at Papa Karl’s. I tried the grilled meatloaf with green beans and mac & cheese for sides. Unfortunately I only seem to have a photo of the meatloaf. It was pretty good, as were the green beans, but the mac & cheese was run of the mill. That said I had recently used a new recipe for a baked macaroni & cheese that was out of this world!

local restaurants
Grilled meatloaf with green beans and mac & cheese

East Tennessee Billiards

Deb and I stopped in East Tennessee Billiards one evening for dinner. They are located about 5 miles away, just up from the intersection of Boyds Creek Hwy with Winfield Dunn Parkway.

East Tennessee Billiards
Pint of Shock Top, a Belgian white beer.
local restaurants
My dining companion!

I haven’t had a Shock Top in a while so I opted for a pint. They had poutine on the menu, which I also haven’t had in a while, so I had to try it. In fact I think the last time was in 1999 in Nova Scotia on our sidecar vacation. Poutine is French fries and cheese curds covered with a brown gravy. This was good but way too much for just me.

East Tennessee Billiards
East Tennessee Billiards
Mushroom & Swiss burger with tots
East Tennessee Billiards
Burger & fries

Deb chose the basic burger served with fries, while I tried the mushroom & swiss burger with a side of tots. Both burgers were good and they came with plenty of fries or tots.

This is a review of just a few of the many local restaurants in the area surrounding the Sidecar Inn. Come for a stay!

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