I recently pre-ordered a new bread cookbook by Maurizio Leo called “The Perfect Loaf”. I was pleasantly surprised by the detail contained within. His web site, also called The Perfect Loaf, has been one of my primary sources of information on sourdough breads. The free version of the web site contains such a wealth of information that I had not become a paid subscriber. One way to support the continued availability of high quality information on sourdough breads was to pre-order the book. The heft was surprising and I nearly dropped the box it arrived in! So far I have only skimmed through the 400 plus pages. Some tips on proofing times look helpful and I will try on my next batch. This is an excellent addition to my bread related cookbooks to keep handy for reference and inspiration.

Come for a stay at The Sidecar Inn and see the variety of baked goods in rotation on the menu. As noted in my first ever email newsletter, I will ramp up baking and availability of bread to non-guests as the busy season winds down. Sign up at the bottom of the Inn’s homepage and see what this new bread cookbook brings to the table.