A few scenes from around the Inn captured in photos I took back in February of new flags, and the neighbor’s Tennessee Walking Horses.

US and Tennessee flags flying in front of The Sidecar Inn
New flags!

Back in February I noticed that both the US flag and the Tennessee State flag was faded and getting tattered. Not surprising when I remembered it had now been two years since the flagpoles were installed. Both are from Annin Flagmakers, which was established in 1847, so just about four years before the house was built.

Horses on the horizon as viewed from The Sidecar Inn
Our neighbor’s horses on the horizon

There is a horse farm on two sides of the Inn with eight to ten horses in the several pastures. The owner raises Tennessee Walking Horses, and has won a few championships over the years. One caution is to not touch or feed them even if they approach the fence towards you. our neighbor stated this could negatively impact their training. My own experience with horses is very limited. On my honeymoon to Maui the wife and I spent a wonderful afternoon horseback riding.

Sunrise over the Inn
Sunrise over the Inn

I happened to have my phone with me while walking out to get the paper one Sunday morning. I took a few photographs of the beautiful light from the sunrise silhouetting the bare branches of the trees.

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