The origins of the “Surfer Breakfast” go back to my days in the US Air Force. If I did the math correctly, always suspect with me, it would be around two score (40) years ago! At the time I was sharing a rental house in Victorville with two roommates. Frankie Sampson, an aircraft electrician that I have since lost track of, and Brian McManus, a fellow fire control radar technician from San Diego. All three of us were in the 20th Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) at George AFB. The primary mission for the 20th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron (TFTS) was to support the German Air Force with training of pilots and Weapons System Operators (WSO) for the F-4E aircraft. The 20th AMU serviced and maintained twenty aircraft to support the training mission. Above and below are photos, by Scott Wilson, of two of the assigned aircraft on the flightline in April 1983.

67-0333 F-4E from 20th TFTS

An F-4E from 20th TFTS (1983 photo by Scott Wilson)

I call it the “Surfer Breakfast” because Brian was a bonafide surfer! The first one this midwestern kid had ever met. One morning we were sitting around the house when he whips up this egg, veggie, cheese, and kielbasa sausage scramble. It was incredibly tasty. At that time my cooking skills started and stopped with sandwiches and cereal! I had made a basic yeasted white bread using a recipe my mom had sent out to me, but otherwise I was eating out a lot. Usually somewhere on base because it was cheaper, but it was also about this time that I discovered bagels at a little bakery in Victorville. Toasted with butter because I wasn’t a fan of cream cheese back then. Brian showed me what went into his creation, and ever since I would make it from time to time.

Surfer Breakfast scramble Surfer Breakfast scramble with mushrooms

Recently I had made this for myself on an off day, and decided that it might be good on the B&B menu. So far I have prepared it a few times with glowing reviews. Above are two versions, one with and one without, mushrooms. Home made hash browns on the side. Another one included sliced avocado on top. I always check with guests on whether they like ingredients such as mushrooms or avocados as I try to accommodate preferences.

yogurt, fruit and nut starter

The starter on this morning was Greek yogurt with a mix of fruit, walnuts, and chocolate chips, and a sprinkling of coarse fleur de sel. This is just one of a variety of breakfasts that I prepare from scratch for our guests at The Sidecar Inn Bed & Breakfast.